Alex Gast Elected to MnSEIA Board of Directors

Alex Gast, Vice President and Director of Operations

Cedar Creek Energy is thrilled to announce our very own Alex Gast, Vice President and Director of Operations at Cedar Creek Energy, has been elected to the board of directors of the Minnesota Solar Energy Industries Association (MnSEIA). As a leader at Cedar Creek Energy, Alex aims his sights on the strong future of energy and sustainability. He prioritizes creating cost-effective and tangible solutions for every commercial and residential solar client. It is Alex’s passion, innovative thinking, attention to detail and awareness of the big picture that makes him a strong contributor as a board member for Minnesota’s most respected solar energy group.

“We are very pleased and proud to have Alex serve on the board of directors of MnSEIA. I know his many years of experience in the solar industry, and his focus on providing creative solar solutions to his clients, along with his strong analytic capabilities, will make him a valued member of the board,” said Rob Appelhof, President and CEO of Cedar Creek Energy.

What is MnSEIA?

MnSEIA acts as the voice of the MN Solar and storage industry. It is the most respected and well-equipped group in the state, with more than 120 experts in backgrounds ranging from solar thermal energy to solar storage to photovoltaic. MnSEIA’S mission is to grow solar energy industries as part of Minnesota’s clean energy transition by delivering strong public policy, education, job creation and sustainable industry development. MnSEIA enacts this mission through legislative and policy action centered on sustainable options led by a collaborative group of strong leaders.

As the energy industry in Minnesota trends towards renewable resources, MnSEIA will continue to be a key player. MnSEIA advocates for clean energy on a broad scale through advocating for solar policies and regulations, from turning schools solar to enhancing the options for energy storage. These highly effective and inventive policy efforts target broad sectors to enact change on a large scope. In addition to growing a greener state, these efforts will also create more jobs and economic growth for Minnesotans.

Cedar Creek Energy sends congratulations to Alex, whose vision and drive towards a cleaner energy industry will make him an invaluable leader on the MnSEIA board. Cedar Creek Energy is proud of our leaders, the best in the business, whose expertise will take Minnesota’s efforts in renewable energy to new heights.

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