Now that students are back in the classroom, we’re looking at the benefits of powering schools with solar energy.

Why Solar Energy for Schools and Universities?

School is where the next generation prepares for their turn to lead. They gain the knowledge to make their positive mark on the world through studies like science, art, math, and more. One primary focus in schools today is how younger generations can slow and even reverse climate change. So, it’s fitting that many schools are interested in installing solar panels to lead by example. Solar power is one of the most accessible, sustainable, and effective renewable energy options on the marketplace today, so it only makes sense to teach the benefits of renewable energy to younger generations.

Balancing Budgets

Besides the fact that taking the initiative of powering your school with solar makes a positive impact on the environment and the minds of students, it’s also a great way to save and make money. Solar can also make energy usage more affordable for your school. Thanks to tax breaks and rebates, a solar installation is affordable upfront and has an impressive ROI. Your organization will see monthly energy savings right away. This was the case for the local nonprofit learning center, A Chance to Grow. This nonprofit chose to make the switch to solar, and in turn, will save the organization over $200,000.

With the help of a Minnesota solar company like Cedar Creek Energy, we will work with school administrators to find the best financial options to fund the solar energy system. Sourcing local Minnesota solar energy companies means getting the necessary expertise to source all of the rebates and tax incentives specific to your location, meaning you could free up even more money in the budget.

Reputation Matters for Schools and Universities

In addition to the financial and sustainable factors of powering your school with solar, it also creates a positive atmosphere for your school. Building and marketing your reputation is an important task that can bring new students through your doors. So it makes sense that if a student can choose to attend a school whose focus is on renewable energy instead of grid power, they are more likely to apply to that school. In addition, a school campus with solar panels installed shows it is willing to lead the future of renewable energy, a quality with which many students will identify.

Any Level of Educational Institution Can Benefit From Solar

Any level of an educational institution can benefit from a solar panel installation. Daycares, preschools, after-school programs, you name it. Regardless of the level of institution, the savings are the same. Our solar energy system installers for schools will work with our project managers and engineers to custom design a comprehensive solar energy system that meets the needs of your school, big or small.

At Cedar Creek Energy, our solar installation team has worked on numerous solar projects for compact buildings and campuses, plus we’ve installed solar panels for the Universities of St. Thomas and University of Minnesota, Morris campuses. Whatever the size of your campus and its amount of energy usage, a solar power installation from our team at Cedar Creek Energy can successfully meet your energy needs and start saving your school money. Meanwhile, your school can proudly display your newly installed solar panels to highlight your commitment to a brighter future.

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