Although the US has seen a significant increase in solar-powered schools recently, there are tens of thousands more that could see benefits by making the switch. Schools are excellent candidates for solar conversion. Many campuses have large, flat rooftops on which solar photovoltaic panels can be installed. The cost savings schools see after installing solar energy arrays can open up the possibility of expanding their academic and extracurricular budget. Best of all, a school that utilizes solar energy as opposed to grid power is keeping with the times and illustrating to students and parents its commitment to a clean energy future.

Here are three benefits you can expect if you install solar panels at your school, college, or university. 

Easy Installation on Minnesota School Buildings

A school’s campus is often comprised of several buildings with an ideal roof for solar panels: flat, unobstructed, and readily accessible for maintenance purposes. These roofs can be easily equipped with a photovoltaic solar array to generate enough electricity to power the entire building. When your roofs are in full or near-full sun, your solar energy system will produce to its maximum potential.

To further sweeten the deal, solar panels can be installed over a school break by a reputable Minnesota solar panel installation company – for example, in the summer when students are not on campus. This will minimize disruptions and distractions, so your students’ learning will not be compromised. 

Free Up Money in the Budget

Public and private schools alike must deal with strict spending guidelines and prohibitive budget cuts. Utility costs used to be one area where the budget couldn’t be trimmed to allow valuable programs to survive. Now, with solar energy for schools in Minnesota widely available, schools are free to reallocate funds previously used to pay for power. 

Solar panels can easily offset a school’s monthly utility bills. Many commercial solar clients see at least a 90% decrease in their annual electricity costs. With a larger installation, it may even be possible for your school to switch to 100% renewable energy! 

Some schools and other nonprofit entities may not have access to the same solar tax rebates as other organizations. Even still, your school can benefit from a Minnesota solar installation through affordable solar financing. Every time Cedar Creek Energy designs a commercial solar energy system, we are designing it to cashflow as quickly as possible. Part of that process includes considering all solar incentives and financing options. We work with our clients to secure the best available solar loans for their projects. With our team’s guidance you’ll see a both a low monthly payment and a great return on investment from your new solar energy system.

Positive Environmental Impact Shows Your Dedication to Sustainability

The younger generation is more concerned about renewable energy and sustainability than ever before. Your students will be proud to attend a school that shares their values. A solar energy system can allow you to decrease your school’s carbon footprint by limiting greenhouse gas emissions and the consumption of fossil fuels.

Solar energy in schools presents a great teaching opportunity; many schools even create lessons centered around their solar panels. Younger students learn about the basics of solar energy, while postsecondary learners can be encouraged to consider the impact of utilizing such a sustainable power source. Students can even help fundraise for the panels to spread a message of sustainability throughout the community!

Are you ready to learn more about installing a solar energy system for your school? Contact Cedar Creek Energy to learn about the process, financing options, and more.

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