Alex Gast

VP + Director of Operations

“Because I have a building and construction background, it was a logical transition for me to choose the solar industry.  I believe green energy is here to stay and enjoy the opportunities I have to educate and inform our clients about the tangible and intangible benefits they will reap by working with us to design and build their solar system.” -Alex Gast

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Meet alex gast

Cedar Creek Solar Energy’s Director of Operations, Alex Gast, has got you covered. A member of our company’s leadership and strategic development team, Alex makes sure that everything is going according to plan, while simultaneously visioning the long-term sustainable growth of our organization.  Alex stays focused on where renewable energy is heading in the future and provides cost effective  and innovative solutions for clients.

Whether it’s adeptly managing  the solar power installation team and support staff, or making sure that homeowners and companies considering commercial solar panels in Minnesota understand clearly what a potential solar energy system installation entails and how it can pay-off over time, Alex is prepared,  and enthusiastic.  He thinks on both the macro and micro level, short-term, and long-term.  He is a big picture thinker and focuses on the impact your residential or commercial solar energy systems will have on your life and business.

Here’s someone who answers when you call – with care, promptness, and the expertise you need to get the job done. Alex joined Cedar Creek Energy, with over 10 years’ experience in the construction industry and a bachelor of science degree in Construction Management from South Dakota State University.

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