Clients and Friends, 

During the new era of the COVID-19 pandemic we want to let our clients, vendors, and employees know about the specific measures Cedar Creek Energy is taking to keep projects moving forward while maintaining the health and safety of our crews and customers. We are committed to providing a safe and healthy work environment for clients, employees, and their families. Here is a summary of our commitment to you: 

  • Our CCE Employees – All employees at Cedar Creek Energy who have the ability to work remotely are doing so to incorporate social distancing practices. Our staff has the ability to meet with you in our newly established virtual conference rooms. We are also available for telephone conferences and email communications. If any employee has a sick person in their household, they are required to take mandatory sick leave.
  • Your Solar Project – Every project that is on the books (and even new ones) are still proceeding through the engineering, permitting and construction process. Expect a call from your project developer in the next 5 business days to update you on the status and timeline of your solar project.
  • Our Supply Chain – As of this time we have not been made aware of any disruptions in our supply chain. We have secured the solar modules needed for your project. We are currently expediting the balance of system components to try to get ahead of potential disruptions. We are in touch daily with our suppliers to monitor the supply chain. 
  • Monitoring CDC and WHO Recommendations – We are continually monitoring changes suggested by the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and are complying with all recommendations to keep our employees and clients safe.
  • Training for All Employees – We are providing proactive health and safety training to all employees. 

We appreciate you choosing us as your vendor and will do everything in our power to make your project successful with as little disruption as possible in these challenging times. We are here for you and are available to answer any questions you have about our response to the COVID-19 global pandemic.

Be Safe, 
– Rob
President and CEO
Cedar Creek Energy