The incentives for switching your Minnesota business to commercial solar energy are endless. From receiving a great return on investment, to developing customer loyalty through your commitment to environment sustainability, the benefits help your wallet and the planet. Leading organizations around the world have discovered that solar is a powerful way to reduce operational costs. But we know you have questions about the impact on your business, so we’ve compiled our commercial solar energy FAQ to help.

Commercial solar installations reach further than Minnesota business. At Cedar Creek Energy, we cover local governments, schools, farms and other organizations looking to make the switch from grid power to solar power.

If you’re considering commercial solar, this is a good place to start. We’ve answered some of the most commonly asked questions about commercial solar installations.

How do I know if solar is a good fit for my business?

There are many factors that go into determining if solar is a good fit for your business. Thankfully, at CCE, we work with you to determine your solar wants and needs by conducting a site survey to determine which solar installation fits your business, answering your questions and providing a proposal that will take into account factors such as: cutting energy costs, standardizing future bills, embracing solar rebates and rewards, and presenting your business as green-focused with a lower carbon footprint. We will evaluate your current energy system, review your utility costs, identify all the energy saving opportunities and then calculate the projected energy savings, and submit a proposal.

Will going solar actually save my company money?

One of the greatest benefits of solar is that it practically pays for itself. Although it is an investment up front, solar systems tend to produce a great ROI within four to seven years depending on the size of the system. Besides that initial cost, commercial solar installations reduce electrical costs. Some of our clients have received up to 90% off their monthly electric bills. Plus, by cutting monthly electricity bills, you’re also inherently cutting your overhead.

If you choose to work with Cedar Creek Energy, we stay updated on all the latest federal, state and utility-based financial incentives. This includes the 26% federal tax credit- that means you keep 26% of your tax dollars in your pocket.

So, yes. In the long term, switching to solar will greatly save your company money. And if you’re not convinced, read up on our Commercial Case Studies and see what our previous clients have saved.

How will solar affect my company’s brand image?

These days people like your customers or clients look very favorably on companies that have gone green and installed solar panels. It communicates to your customers that you care about the environment, you are committing to reducing your carbon footprint, and that you support sustainable building practices. Your customers and clients will ultimately vote with their pocketbooks.

How do I choose a commercial solar installer?

Here are some things to look for when choosing your commercial solar installer in Minnesota: experience with all types of solar projects, number of total installations, customer reviews, variety of available technology (solar batteries, different solar panel brands, etc). Location of the solar installation company is a prime factor to also consider. Choosing a local solar company has more benefits than choosing to outsource your solar system. If you’re looking for more guidance on your choosing a solar company, read our blog on choosing the right solar installers.

Is solar worth it if we live in Minnesota? Does solar work in the winter?

Yes and yes. Solar works in the winter, and although northern climates receive fewer hours of sun in the winter, all you need is sun. The sun’s effect is, in fact, amplified on sunny days because the reflection of the snow generates even more light.

If you have more questions on your potential commercial solar installation, check out our FAQ page, or contact us—we’re happy to help.

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