The economic hardship associated with the COVID-19 pandemic has left some Minnesotans looking for an alternative to costly grid power and other expenses we once thought of as “necessities.” Solar energy can serve as an unlikely cost-saving approach to powering our homes and businesses during this economically uncertain time and offers many rebates and incentives. Better yet, the solar industry appears well-positioned to navigate the long-term negative effects of COVID-19, and solar companies and clients alike are excited about the prospect. In fact, many solar energy enthusiasts are connecting virtually during the pandemic to discuss their systems and the savings they’ve seen. 

Solar’s Continued Growth During the Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic doesn’t appear to be slowing down solar installers in Minnesota. High demands are expected to continue increasing through 2020 and beyond. Solar energy remains a cost-effective way for Minnesota homes and businesses to use renewable energy in a time when we need to make smart decisions about our expenses. In addition, COVID-19 has played a part in highlighting our need to accelerate our transition to broadly accessible and affordable renewable energy. Many states already view investing in renewables as part of their economic recovery efforts, and more policymakers, regulators, and advocates are learning to balance the market’s diverse interests and community solar’s economic viability.

The Appeal of MN Solar Energy to Consumers

Solar power in Minnesota is already an attractive sustainable energy option for homeowners and commercial clients because it allows them to use free energy from the sun to lessen their reliance on grid power. The clean energy generated by solar is great for the environment, too. It lowers the user’s carbon footprint and makes it unnecessary to burn through nonrenewable resources as we power our homes and local businesses

Many solar energy companies have recognized that a potential recession is actually an optimal time for most American homeowners and business owners to consider the cost-saving appeal of solar. Industry leaders have already made adjustments to their best practices during the pandemic so they can continue bringing affordable solar energy to Minnesotans safely. Cedar Creek Energy has implemented stringent health and safety standards, including limiting physical contact between clients and employees and providing our solar installers with personal protective equipment. In addition, several local and national organizations are conducting their 2020 solar conferences and industry meetings virtually. The pandemic is no excuse to stop spreading the word about how renewable energy can lessen our economic burdens and environmental impact!

In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic and economic uncertainty, you can elect to use solar energy instead of nonrenewable energy to benefit your monthly budget and the environment. In fact, you may be able to completely cover your energy needs with your solar panels during these warm and sunny summer months! When you become a solar energy user, you’ll join a growing group of Minnesotans who are passionate about everything solar has to offer. One local Facebook group, “MN Solar Owners” consists of like-minded solar customers who discuss their production/consumption monitoring, the savings they are seeing, and tips for increasing solar panel output. In a sense, the pandemic may have brought the solar community in Minnesota even closer together.

Minnesota Solar Installations with Cedar Creek Energy

The team at Cedar Creek Energy has brought solar energy to countless homes and businesses in Minnesota. We’ve seen the positive impacts of solar energy firsthand, so we know continuing to install solar energy will be beneficial to the local economy during and after the pandemic. Our website and our solar blog both offer more information about our past solar projects and how we plan to continue installing solar energy safely during COVID-19. If you’re interested in investing in a solar energy project of your own, contact us at (763) 432-5261.

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