New home builders are always interested in saving money, and with many millennials in the market for a new-construction home that’s sustainable, smart homes have become the new trend. Sustainability and affordability make smart homes the logical choice for new homeowners, plus our 25-year warranty on our solar panels and inverters mean a safe investment, too.

Eco-Friendly & Budget-Friendly: The Benefits of Smart Homes

Sustainable and affordable are the main draws of smart homes, but there are so many more perks to investing in renewable energy.

First, to create an energy-efficient home, eco-builders must analyze numerous factors:

  • Utilizing solar energy to save on electricity
  • The roof placement of solar panels when deciding where to build the house (with the roof unshaded for maximum solar efficiency)
  • The best insulation to reduce heating and cooling costs
  • Smart home technology that can monitor indoor temperatures and electricity usage
  • Materials that will allow for airtight construction of the home
  • Energy-efficient lighting (LEDs), which lasts longer and uses less energy

The combination of our residential solar energy systems including roof mounted solar arrays, with LED lighting and superior insulation (very important during our crazy Minnesota winters!) means huge savings for your energy-efficient home. Solar energy saves many of our homeowners over 90% off their electric bills annually. Plus our financing resources and rebates make it an affordable investment to make. These savings lead to a quick return on investment—an average of less than 7 years for our residential customers.

Besides being good for your pockets, high-efficiency homes are good for the planet. Take The Wheelers, for example. Besides saving thousands on their monthly electricity bills, they made an investment that not only paid off but that they can be proud of. Each year, their high-efficiency home saves 25,062 pounds in Co2 emissions—that’s 295 trees grown for ten years!

Consider investing in a smart home and reducing your carbon footprint…and the dent in your wallet!

Achieve Energy Independence with Battery Storage for your Smart Home

If you’re looking for even more ways to make the jump to solar for your smart home, consider investing in a Tesla Powerwall and take the next step to achieve energy independence with your smart home.

With the Tesla Powerwall, you can store solar energy for use at any time. During the day, the sun shines on your solar panels, charging your battery, giving you peace of mind that—at a moment’s notice—your system will continue to provide power in the event of an outage. And during the Minnesota winters, when your production is lower than other months, you’ll know you have reliable energy storage.

At Cedar Creek Energy, we have also certified Electric Vehicle (EV) Installers. To top off your high-efficiency home, add an EV charging station and cut down on your carbon footprint even more. Simply plug in your vehicle to the charging station when it’s not running, and by using the solar energy produced by your home, you’ll charge your car and cut down on gas expenses.

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