The Results Are In: We Want Clean Energy!

A new poll released by Clean Energy in Minnesota found 62% of survey respondents from across the political spectrum want to see a move towards solar power and away from fossil fuels. The message is clear – consumers want to support companies showing their commitment to sustainability by committing to green energy – lowering their carbon footprints and creating good-paying green jobs in Minnesota. But is solar really an option for your business? 


It Has Never Paid More For Businesses To Go Solar In Minnesota

As you may have heard us mention before, the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) is a game changer when it comes to solar for Minnesota’s businesses. The new Clean Energy Credit means businesses could save from 30 to 60% of the cost of a commercial solar energy installation. Add onto this the savings to be made on utility bills themselves once you’ve switched over, and solar power more than pays for itself – sometimes more quickly than you’d think! 

If the savings from going solar are not enticing enough, consider what it will cost your business to remain reliant on non-renewable energy. Firstly, as federal government regulation and global financial markets push further towards a transition to clean energy, fossil fuels will become an increasingly bad investment for your business. The second question you shoud consider is the boost switching to solar energy will have for your brand – or conversely – the damage it will cause to fall behind. Consumers are increasingly demanding higher ethical standards from the brands they invest inparticularly the growing GenZ demographic who are also – understandably – especially concerned about climate change. With all this at stake, can you afford not to switch to solar? 

Solar Is One Of The Quickest Ways To Switch To Renewable Energy 

The Minnesotans surveyed don’t just have strong views about solar – they are resoundingly in favor of the state reducing its dependence on fossil fuels. This can mean many different things to different people, but the bottom line is solar power is one of the quickest and most efficient ways to reduce your company’s dependence on fossil fuels. This is particularly true for smaller commercial enterprises that may not have the funds to plunge into a major energy conversion project. It can be hard for smaller businesses to transition to net zero quickly, but simply installing a smaller solar power installation can instantly reduce your business’s dependence on fossil fuels. It also shows your clients, from the second they step into your premises and see the solar PV installation, that even if you are not all the way there yet, you are proactively moving to lower your carbon footprint.  


Minnesotans Want More Well-paying Green Jobs. Your Business Can Help Make That Happen

The survey found a full 80% of Minnesotans are more likely to support green energy if mining in Northeast Minnesota becomes an integral part of the supply chain. “Voters across the geographical and political map of Minnesota are overwhelmingly supportive of policies accelerating the clean energy transition,” says George Damian, Director of Government Affairs at Clean Energy Economy MN. “The support for affordable and reliable renewable energy and good-paying local jobs that come with it is strong across our state.” Bringing the solar energy supply chain back into the US has always been a central concern for consumers and politicians alike. The first step to building a strong homegrown solar power supply chain is building sufficient demand for solar power here in the US and in Minnesota. And your business can be a part of this by investing in solar power. On a secondary level, as solar power helps you to decarbonize, you can create your own green business model. As this helps to lower your overheads, boost your brand and grow your business, it can also help you create green jobs of your own. 

Solar power may feel like an unknown quantity – particularly when you are running your business on tight overheads. Here at Cedar Creek Energy, we are happy to talk through the ins and outs of commercial solar power installations and provide a detailed financial quote for your business. Get in touch today, to find out how we can help! 

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