Cedar Creek Energy is proud to have been featured in a recent article by Energy News Network that discusses how solar energy companies such as ours are providing safe essential services during the COVID-19 pandemic. Solar energy remains an essential service under Minnesota’s Stay At Home Order; it powers thousands of homes, businesses, local governments, and agricultural facilities throughout the state by harnessing the clean, renewable energy provided by the sun.

Taking Safety Precautions During Solar Energy Installation

Since the COVID-19 pandemic was first verified in Minnesota, we’ve made several adjustments to our installation process. They include wearing personal protective equipment, practicing social distancing, and not mixing crews in between projects. We are also meeting with clients virtually to discuss the design of their solar projects. With these changes in place, our employees can follow the latest health guidelines while still providing safe and efficient services to our clients.

Solar Demand Remains Steady in Minnesota During COVID-19

While some individuals may be postponing their planned solar installations, the majority of clients want to forge ahead and get their systems installed. Many clients cite the predictable, affordable cost of renewable energy as one main motivator to get their project completed during uncertain economic times. Residential and commercial rebates are incredibly attractive right now.

Our CEO Rob Appelhof believes the consistent flow of new solar projects may be partially in response to the government’s urging to keep putting money into our economy: “We’ve seen a steady flow of projects coming in the last few weeks,” he said. “On the residential side, some people just looked at the situation and thought ‘am I going to put money in the market right now?’ or ‘am I going to take this money and put it toward not having a utility bill in the future?’” It’s a great time to make that initial investment into solar energy by supporting a local solar energy installation company, and solar energy users can rest assured that their utility costs will stay low in economically volatile times.

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