A residential solar energy system can dramatically reduce home energy use and create a source of income for many homeowners. Solar energy can be an affordable way to move toward energy independence. This eco-friendly power source also benefits the planet by reducing harmful emissions.

If you are a Crystal, Minnesota homeowner who’s been waiting for the right time to switch to solar energy, that time is now! The City of Crystal is currently offering a grant for homeowners to assist with home maintenance and energy improvements. This grant can be used to install a roof-mounted solar energy system with the help of Cedar Creek Energy.

How the Home Improvement Grant for Solar Crystal, MN Works

The City of Crystal’s Home Improvement Grant is accessible to most homeowners and multi-family home dwellers with properties in Crystal. The property in question can be a single family home, or it can be an owner-occupied property with up to four units. Individual condo and townhome owners are also eligible. Properties that are currently under construction do not qualify for the grant.

Eligible improvements include most interior or exterior permanent remodeling and upgrades, including the installation of a solar array. The grant covers 20% of your total project costs up to a total of $10,000 per calendar year. There are reasonable income limits which many families will fit within. You also must be current on mortgage payments and property taxes.

Loan funds are subject to availability, which means you should act fast if you want to take advantage of this cost-saving opportunity!

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Why You Should Choose Solar Energy

Not quite convinced you should switch to solar? Here are three reasons why you should take advantage of this great grant opportunity and start using solar energy instead of grid power.

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

We can decrease harmful emissions by requiring less grid power for our home. Carbon dioxide, an emission that is harmful to the environment because it contributes to global warming, is greatly reduced each time a homeowner switches to solar. Our arrays provide 100% clean energy generated by the power of the sun. Do your part in helping our world by choosing solar.

Drastically Lower or Eliminate Your Electric Bills

When you invest in solar energy, you are increasing your cash flow and reducing your monthly utility fees. If your energy company offers net metering, you’ll be paid for excess energy produced by your system. Can you imagine getting a utility check in the mail instead of a bill? Going solar is a great way to leverage the power of the sun.

Increase Your Property Value

When you invest in solar energy for your Minnesota home or business, you are increasing the value of your property. Future home buyers will be interested in renewable energy for both its financial and environmental benefits.

Getting Started on Your Solar Energy Project

Once you’ve determined you’re eligible for the solar energy Home Improvement Grant in Crystal, you’ll need to get quotes for your solar energy project. Give Cedar Creek Energy a call, and we’ll come out to your home to conduct a free solar energy audit. We’ll look at your current energy consumption and propose a solar energy system that will work for your home, including solar batteries where needed.

We remain committed to offering safe and easy solar panel installations in Crystal, Minnesota to clients who want to take advantage of this exciting grant opportunity. We always help our clients find the best financing, rebate, and grant options for their project. In addition to the Home Improvement Grant, you may qualify for tax rebates to further decrease the cost of installing your system. To learn more, give Cedar Creek Energy a call at (763) 432-5261.

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