There are lots of sound reasons why installing Cedar Creek Energy solar panels are a good idea for both homeowners and the owners of commercial or industrial buildings. One of the soundest reasons involve Xcel energy credits, which will pay you up to $90,000 to convert to solar in your home, business or building.

The program is almost as simple as it sounds – and, no, it’s not “too good to be true.”

Xcel will rebate $2.25 for every DC watt of solar power that you install regardless of whether it is in a home or a commercial structure. To sweeten the pot, under the state’s Minnesota Made program, it will toss in an additional $2.75 bringing the total Xcel rebate to $5.00 per installed DC watt. As just an example, if you are in Minnesota and install 100 DC watts of solar, you’ll receive a $500 rebate, which can make a sizeable, up-front reduction in your total cost. Many other states offer similar programs.

Since every Cedar Creek Energy solar panel is made right here in Minnesota, all of our installations in the state qualify for the full rebate.

There are only three requirements to be eligible.

  1. Your home or commercial building must be in Minnesota
  2. You must be a customer of Xcel Energy
  3. In exchange for receiving the rebate, you must enter into a 20-year contract with Xcel for all Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) generated by the system during the contract’s life

It’s really that simple.

For more information about the Xcel rebate program and the Minnesota Made initiative, call us – Cedar Creek Energy – at 1-800-834-3378 or complete the e-form on our website.

Cedar Creek Energy is proudly serving individuals and organizations based in Minneapolis, St. Paul, Bloomington, Brooklyn Park, St. Cloud, Rochester,Blaine, Greater Minnesota and Western Wisconsin with their solar energy requirements.

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