Your Cedar Creek Energy go-to guide on going solar

Switching to solar is an exciting decision, but if you’re not sure where to start or how the process works, it can seem a bit overwhelming. Thankfully, Cedar Creek Energy is here to help. This is your go-to guide on going solar.

The very first step before you can dive into the world of renewable energy involves research.

  • Spend time researching solar installers—choosing which company to complete your solar installation takes time and consideration. Don’t go with the first company to pop up on your Google feed. Put in the extra effort to thoroughly research your installers, and read our blog on Choosing the Right Solar Company for more tips. You want to pay close attention to whether the company is local because they will offer an elevated level of service and will know how to maximize local rebates available to you. Make sure you pay attention to reviews and how long the local company has been in business.
  • Learn how switching to solar works—knowing the ins and outs of the solar installation process is not necessary before making the switch. However, having some general knowledge will help you understand how solar will impact your home or business.
  • Dig into the finances —Before jumping in, you’ll want to have a general idea of the finances that come with solar. Solar has great rebates and a quick ROI and there are amazing financing options available this year. Ask your solar installer about how financing works for solar projects to get a clear picture of your investment and keep in mind that a local solar installer will have insights and connections to your best rebate and financing options.

Now that we’ve covered a few beginning steps to consider when switching to solar, let’s dive into what it looks like to work with Cedar Creek Energy. Our team of talented professionals will work with you every step of the way, providing resources, transparency and answers to any questions you have. Whether we’re working on a residential or commercial project, this is how we will work with you:

Step 1: Conversations and Consultations

Before we begin climbing on your roof and laying panels, we do our research, just like you’ve done yours. We conduct a site survey, evaluate existing technology and identify any system problems and areas for improvement. At this time, we’ll sit down with you to gain a clear understanding of what you are hoping to gain from switching to solar, the type of system you had in mind, financial needs that must be met, and anything else that is relevant to your ideal project. We’ll also help you understand the different factors to take into consideration with the brand and type of solar models you ultimately choose which includes the size, output, and aesthetic.

Step 2: Your Free Solar Audit

Similar to our consultation, we’ll document existing equipment, review your bills, and identify energy saving opportunities. Plus, we’ll provide a detailed diagram of what your solar system would look like using a computer-aided design program to electronically position the solar array on your roof or as a ground mount. Essentially, you’ll get to see what your solar array will look like with your home or business. Pretty cool, huh?

Step 3: Designs

Our engineers are constantly identifying appropriate technologies for our customers’ arrays, developing new equipment, energy storage, and battery backup options, and retrofitting for lighting. And that is exactly what they’ll do for your solar array. In addition to creating the design, we’ll calculate your projected energy savings, research tax advantages, and pursue rebate and grant opportunities from local, state, and federal levels. We want to find you the maximum savings possible! We’ve also assisted clients who qualify for grant funding to complete their grant applications, and we can do this for you, too.

Step 4: Time to Build

Here is where the magic happens. We specify equipment, install the new technology, design and program system controls and monitors, pull permits, and overall manage the project from the consultation to completion.

Step 5: Monitor

As an added value to our customers, we test and optimize their system’s functionality and monitor monthly usage. In fact, we set you up with a production and consumption monitor so you can watch your monthly energy savings skyrocket!

Step 6: Operate and Maintain

Life gets busy, and you probably don’t have the added time to monitor your system. That’s why we’re here. Step six is not the last of our steps, but a continuous operation. We provide service support agreements to protect your array and make sure you’re maximizing your rate of return. This involves constantly monitoring your system, and oftentimes finding and fixing small problems you didn’t realize were there.

Working with Cedar Creek Energy means working with transparency, respect, and care because that’s just the way our company rolls. Not just one of us. But all of our team. So, if you’re considering switching to solar, we’re here to help. Don’t let the process of solar deter you from a lifetime of savings. Contact us today with all your solar questions.

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