Tesla Powerwall = 24/7 Solar Independence

Did you know that you can store surplus solar energy to supplement your system’s output when there would otherwise be no energy available? This is made possible through battery storage systems such as Tesla’s Powerwall. When combined with a solar energy array, battery packs allow for even greater energy independence.

For most companies, a power outage is crippling. Without the use of lights and internet, it can be extremely difficult to run a business. Even short electricity interruptions during summer storms can mean valuable time is spent getting systems up and running so you can continue your work. When you store surplus energy that has been produced by your commercial solar energy system, you may be able to avoid these short interruptions.

In the summer, when sunlight is plentiful in Minnesota, you will likely be producing a surplus of energy. This is a great time to store energy to augment your system’s abilities. Your battery storage may come in handy in the darker winter months when your solar panels are producing less energy. To give you more of an idea what to expect year-round from your system, Cedar Creek Energy provides each client with a production/consumption dashboard. This will allow you to view your solar production and your electric consumption on a daily basis.
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