Summer days bring warm weather and endless sun—the perfect combination for solar energy. For those of us who live in the midwest, we don’t have the pleasure of year-round summer weather. So, you may be wondering how our range of seasons affects your solar panels. Here’s a look at solar energy, extreme weather, and Minnesota’s climate.

Summer Conditions

Summers in Minnesota are beautiful, warm, and sunny—especially this year. They provide the perfect conditions for solar panels. But, summer can bring frequent rain and the occasional tornado. If you’re worried your solar panels are going to fly off with Dorothy to Oz, no need to fret. Most solar panels are certified to withstand up to 140 mph winds, and the majority of tornado speeds range between 40-112 mph. Thankfully, your solar panels won’t be traveling down the yellow brick road anytime soon. As for heavy rain, solar panels are waterproof and are not affected by excessive rain besides the fact that the lack of sun during rainstorms means less production.

Another concern to solar panels that comes with Minnesota’s summer weather is hail. Thankfully, most solar panels are built to withstand up to an inch in diameter of hail falling at 50 mph. To put that into perspective, the average hail is between ¼ to ½ of an inch thick and falls around 20 mph. So, hail damage to your solar panels should be of no concern. Your car, however, might want to stay in the garage. Overall, the summer months provide great resources for solar panels to produce loads of electricity that saves you money and reduces your carbon footprint.

Winter Conditions

Of more concern to solar panels, owners are likely Minnesota’s winter months, which take up a majority of the year.  Minnesota’s winter weather can put a stop to most things: school days, your daily drive to work, ordering take-out. The list is neverending. But, solar panels? Nope. Solar works in the winter, and although there are fewer hours of sun in the winter, the sun’s effect is actually amplified on sunny days because the reflection of the snow generates even more sunlight.

Perhaps a larger concern is snow or ice buildup on top of solar panels. As Minnesotans, we prepare well in advance for blizzards, and fortunately, so have your solar panel installers. Panels are strong enough to withhold extra weight and are built to be waterproof. In most cases, the snow and ice will melt off panels and cause no issues. Snow removal is also an option with our Operating and Maintenance Agreement.

All in all, Minnesota is the perfect state to invest in solar energy. The summer months provide a nice buildup of energy, and the winter months produce a steady stream of electricity, thanks to the sunlight’s reflection off the snow. And without hurricanes or wildfires to worry about, solar panels are well-prepped against the extremes of nature in our climate. So, rest assured and consider solar today! Contact us for your free solar bid.

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