Why do customers like working with Cedar CreEk energy?

Video Transcript:

You know what I hear from customers the most about working with Cedar Creek Energy, it’s our people, they love our people. Our install crews, they are the best in the business. They’re so courteous and friendly and knowledgeable to the customers and they’re always keeping people up to date of what’s going on. But also it’s in the office. If somebody can’t reach your salesperson, they know there’s a project manager, you know, there may be an engineer or whoever’s answering the phone. We’re going to answer their questions.

You know one thing I always hear from customers is just the followup. I had a customer, her solar array wasn’t working, had an optimizer out and you she was just blown away that we were out there to fix it before she even knew she had a problem. It’s things like that, the service after the sale, that I think our customers really like. I mean we’re in this for a long-term relationship with our customers and I think our team, they go out and help us prove that. 

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