How do you see the future of solar?

Video Transcript:

I think there’s a lot of new trends in solar right now. I think the manufacturers are getting more efficient. We’re seeing more watts in a module. We’re getting higher energy density. What that does, it reduces the cost of labor when we can use larger modules. Also, I think we’re seeing the manufacturers have really ramped up production and the economy’s at a scale where we’re really starting to hit. We’re really starting to get better pricing on modules and the balance of system components as well. And secondly, I think the buy in from the financial markets has been very large for the business. It used to be solar maybe was a little bit of an iffy long term investment for banks and institutions but right now it’s a very hot item for large banks to own solar and I think that really tells all, that solar is here, and it’s not going anywhere. The cost of solar on the utility scale, it’s on par with other forms of energy so I think what you’re seeing is, you’re seeing utility buy in, you’re seeing commercial buy in, you’re also seeing more residential systems. I think the future is very bright and I think it’s going to stay here and be mainstream.

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