A lot of people think solar is too expensive. Why is this a myth?

Video Transcript:

Now, a lot of people think solar is too expensive. It’s just not the case anymore. You know, 10 years ago, the price the solar was high. But solar is now mainstream. We wouldn’t have utility companies building 100 megawatt solar arrays in Minnesota if it were too expensive.

Now, I think what we have to do is just look at everybody’s situation, and typically, if we look at a situation and customer does not end up moving forward, it’s normally not driven by the return on investment. It might be because they don’t have a site suitable, if it’s a wooded site, or they don’t have proper sun.

We’re not just gonna go up and install a solar array. If you need to trim trees or your site’s just not workable, we’re gonna let you know that going into this. But typically, solar is not too expensive.

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