What are the biggest misconceptions people have about solar energy?

Video Transcript:

Some of the misconceptions that I hear, probably number one, is people think it’s too expensive, or they can’t afford it. When you look at where we’re at right now with the investment tax credit, some of the utility incentives, solar’s very affordable. I think if you look at this like any other investment, you’re going to be very surprised at what a nice rate of return that it does have. Another misconception is, I think sometimes people think, “Well, we’re in Minnesota and it’s cold and it snows.” Rest assured, I can tell you Minnesota has a great sun resource. It’s on par with some areas of northern Arizona. So don’t let that get in the way. I think you can look out in the fields in Minnesota and see all the large scale solar development. Solar is very efficient in Minnesota, and it works very well.

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