Businesses switching to solar is not a fad – huge companies like IKEA, Target, and Walmart are embracing solar power across their global and national branches. Next time you’re at one of its 68 Minnesota stores, remember that in 2019, Walmart added more solar power than any other US business, increasing its solar use to 35%! This certainly gives retail therapy in downtown Minnesota an added feel-good vibe – but there’s a reason why so many businesses going solar… 

Benefits for Businesses of Any Size 

Whether you’re a global chain or a small family business, harnessing commercial solar systems can save money and help you meet corporate sustainability goals – reducing your costs and carbon footprint all at once. Solar power will also do wonders for your brand, make your employees proud – and for all you Minnesotan entrepreneurs, there are also some fantastic incentives out there, to make the switch worth your while. Installing an onsite commercial solar panel system made of low waste and responsibly-sourced materials is worth more LEED points than almost any other single green building initiative – and becoming LEED-certified will cut tax and energy costs, as well as positioning your business as a sustainability champion! 

Let Solar Help You Sleep Easy About Your Brand’s Image 

More and more, businesses of all shapes and sizes are boosting their corporate sustainability goals by incorporating solar energy systems across Minnesota and elsewhere. Just take a look at homegrown bedding providers Sleep Number: alongside its mission to help Minnesotans sleep better than ever before, the company also follows a seriously joined up corporate sustainability policy. Sleep Number has now taken this to the next level with its announcement in April that it will be converting its Minneapolis HQ and most of its 650 stores and distribution centers, to solar power, with the help of the Minneapolis Green Cost Share program. This kind of change possible for your business, too! 

 Let The Sun Rise on Your Corporate Sustainability Journey 

The first step to preparing a corporate sustainability plan is to lay out your goals and work out a clear path to getting there. Remember that trying to make your business more sustainable is an opportunity, not a headache! A third of all consumers now choose brands based on their sustainability track record. Of the many commercial solar options out there, the choices can be overwhelming, but you are sure to find the right fit for your business – all you need is a little guidance! 

As a leading Minnesota Solar Energy Company, Cedar Creek Energy is here to help you navigate through the various installations, fundings and incentives available for your business. To find out just how solar power can help you fulfill your corporate sustainability objectives, saving you money and building your brand’s reputation, get in touch and one of our advisors will be happy to help!

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