If you’re among the estimated one in four Minnesotan homeowners who lives in a homeowners association (HOA), you may be wondering whether your HOA could stop you from building a solar power system for your home. You may have heard stories of HOAs prohibiting Minnesotans from installing solar panels on their properties, or of people being sued by their HOA for doing so. But can your HOA really halt your residential solar power system in its tracks?

It’s Complicated

The bad news is no State laws currently prevent HOAs from prohibiting residential solar power systems, in Minnesota – although one homeowner with a passion for solar is leading a campaign to change that! In better news for all homeowners interested in solar power in Minnesota – according to Statute 500.30 we are all legally permitted to negotiate solar easements. This means you can negotiate with your neighbors to ensure you have access to sunlight for the lifetime of your solar energy system in Minnesota. But how can you actually do this if your HOA has banned you from installing solar panels in the first place?

An Asset Not an Eyesore

Although Minnesotan HOAs can technically prohibit residential solar energy systems, you should still feel empowered by Statute 500.30 to push the point. Many HOA policies, in Minnesota and elsewhere, were written in the 80s and 90s – when solar panels were not yet the shimmering pools of beauty they are today! Many Minnesotan HOAs that are lukewarm to residential solar power systems argue that solar panels damage the aesthetics of housing developments and therefore lower house prices. The first point to make, therefore, is that installing a solar system actually raises your house value – by potentially as much as $48,000! With all this in mind, don’t be afraid to try and negotiate with your HOA!

Selling Sunset

When negotiating with HOAs, there are a few things to consider – firstly, many are not actually saying ‘no’ to solar panels altogether, they just want you to ask them first! Or they may just want a say in the design and installation – something we at Cedar Creek Energy, your go-to solar panel company in Minnesota, are happy to help with! A second point is this – HOAs are not run by your fellow HOA members and neighbors– many of whom may agree with you, given the growing popularity of solar energy systems in Minnesota! If your POA outright bans you from installing solar panels, then bringing together the collective clout of like-minded fellow members may encourage them to change their minds.

Once you’re ready to take the next step, your favorite Minnesota solar energy company, Cedar Creek Energy, can work with you and your HOA to come up with an agreed spec for the system. We will give you the information you need and help you argue your case – for what is, quite simply, the best investment you can make for your home and for the planet.

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