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As the home of the world-renowned Mayo clinic, Rochester, Minnesota is one area of our state that’s very committed to technological advancements. This includes making sure the city is on the cutting edge of sustainable energy production. In addition, a health-conscious city like Rochester is always focused on the physical wellness of its residents. Using fossil fuels for energy doesn’t fit this focus, since these fuels pollute the environment and cause health problems within the community. For this reason, the city of Rochester has committed to using 100% renewable energy by 2031.

While the city does have a solar program for those who don’t want to install solar panels on their building or property, many Rochester, MN residents choose to install their own solar energy system so they can see the biggest financial and environmental benefits.

Whether you seek a solar panel installation company for your home in Rochester, MN or you’re a business interested in commercial solar panel installation in Rochester, Cedar Creek Energy can help you with your energy goals! We have worked with many homeowners and business owners to create custom solar arrays that meet their energy needs. It makes no difference whether you are a business that needs power for your daily operations or if you’re a single family that is trying to decrease your carbon footprint – we have the technology and experience to help you realize your goals.

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Commercial Solar

You’ve already got the rooftop, the land, and the sunshine. Use what’s already there and take the next step toward energy efficiency. Rooftop and ground-mounted solar system costs have plunged by 70% since 2010.

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EPC Services

We design, install, and operate commercial solar PV arrays throughout the Midwest and have over 14 years of demonstrated experience with large, complex solar arrays. Learn more about our EPC Services online or by calling 763-334-6406.

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Residential Solar

Imagine a July electricity bill of $7.81. A solar system for your home in Minnesota can offer these types of savings. We are a Minnesota solar contractor specializing in helping homeowners significantly reduce energy costs

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Energy Storage

Combining solar panels with battery storage will allow you to save excess solar energy generated during the day, which is used, in-turn, to run your company or household at night or when the grid is down. Learn more about our energy storage services.

Rochester, MN Residential Solar Installation

To be a homeowner interested in installing solar means you are environmentally conscious, willing to use the most popular new technology, and looking for smart ways to save money – all good qualities in our book. Cedar Creek Energy is always thrilled to work with homeowners who want their very own solar energy system in Rochester, Minnesota.

Cedar Creek Energy offers several resources for homeowners in Rochester who are considering a solar panel installation. Our video library answers commonly asked questions like:

  • What’s the average payment for a solar system?
  • What are the greatest benefits of going solar for homeowners?
  • How does residential solar financing work in Minnesota?
  • What’s the return on investment and payback on residential solar?

If you’ve got questions about residential solar for your home in Rochester, MN, we’ve got answers! Contact us to get started.

Commercial Solar Panel Installation in Rochester

For businesses interested in keeping up with the city’s proclamation to use only renewable energy in the future, a solar panel array is a great option. Solar energy offers an impressive ROI, and you’ll see monthly savings on your energy bills right away. The payback time of a solar energy system is generally between seven and ten years, and most solar panels come with a minimum 25-year warranty. This means your solar system may be profitable for 15 years or more with minimal maintenance costs!

On our commercial solar panel installation webpage you’ll find links to case studies, financing options, and rebates that all help illustrate the savings you’ll see when your Rochester-based company chooses solar energy over grid power.


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Energy Storage Options in Rochester

Solar is a great first step towards decreasing your energy bills and your carbon footprint. A well-engineered solar energy system is sufficient to cover the energy needs of many homes and businesses, but if your property needs an additional energy boost Cedar Creek Energy can assist with finding suitable energy storage options for our clients. We are a Tesla Powerwall certified installer, and we also offer LG Chem RESU battery installation depending on the energy needs of each client. Energy storage through solar batteries is a great way to further increase your property’s energy independence and remove the annoyance of the momentary power outages we all deal with when we pull energy from the power grid.