Many new home builders, developers, and buyers are interested in solar energy for both its environmental and financial benefits. New homeowners are always interested in saving money, and most millennials who are currently in the market for a new-construction home value environmental sustainability.

Cedar Creek Energy is known for its solar energy installations that allow homeowners to retrofit their homes to accommodate solar panels and even battery storage. However, we also frequently work with builders to install solar on new homes. We understand the draw of solar-equipped new construction, which is why Cedar Creek Energy is so proud to announce our partnership with GreenHalo Builds!

Our team will be responsible for working with GreenHalo Builds clients who choose to install solar on their new homes. This partnership ensures both GreenHalo Builds and Cedar Creek Energy can provide top-notch service and highly efficient systems to newly built homes throughout the state. Our first GreenHalo Builds project will be EcoRidge, located in Stillwater, MN. You can take a look at the unique and high-energy efficient designs for GreenHalo homes here.

Creating an Energy Efficient Home Run on Solar Energy

Energy efficiency means different things to different people, but GreenHalo Builds comes prepared by creating net-zero-ready homes. This means you, as the homeowner, can choose the steps you’d like to take to decrease your energy usage and emissions. Your home will be designed to be completely self-sufficient if you choose to install the required equipment and components.

To create an energy-efficient home, eco-builders analyze numerous factors:

  • How to utilize solar energy to save on electricity
  • The roof placement of solar panels when deciding where to build the house (with the roof unshaded for maximum solar efficiency)
  • The best insulation to reduce heating and cooling costs
  • Smart home technology that can monitor indoor temperatures and electricity usage
  • Materials that will allow for airtight construction of the home
  • Energy-efficient lighting (LEDs), which lasts longer and uses less energy

When a home buyer chooses to install solar panels on their new home, Cedar Creek Energy will work with GreenHalo Builds to install a customized roof-mounted solar array. Our solar arrays are a critical component of eco-friendly homes; they reduce harmful carbon emissions to decrease the user’s carbon footprint.

Affordable Minnesota Homes Built with Solar

Sustainability isn’t the only draw of high energy-efficient homes; they’re also much less expensive to maintain, and with a 25-year warranty on the solar panels and inverters, a safe investment to make. GreenHalo’s net-zero-ready homes cost less to operate from the start thanks to low energy usage specifications that conserve resources.

GreenHalo Builds team is dedicated to providing almost unlimited customization options to meet each eco-friendly home buyer’s goals. As owner John Sharkey puts it, “With our green goals at the forefront and utilizing our strong background in custom home building, we create eco-villages and homes that significantly reduce energy consumption and maintenance costs for homeowners.”

When combining an affordable solar energy system from Cedar Creek Energy with LED lighting and superior insulation (especially important during Minnesota winters), an energy-efficient home can mean huge savings for homeowners. In fact, solar energy saves some homeowners over 90% off their electric bill annually! This is often achieved through net metering, a program offered by many utility companies that allow the homeowner to sell excess power produced by their solar array back to the grid. These huge savings lead to a quick return on investment – less than 7 years for our residential customers. Solar energy is a great eco-friendly and budget-friendly option for homeowners in Minnesota! For these reasons, Cedar Creek Energy is proud to be the provider of choice for GreenHalo’s current and future developments.

Whether you’re interested in building a new home with solar or adding solar panels to an already-constructed home, our team of solar experts is ready to assist! For more information, give our team a call at (763) 432-5261.