Many new home builders are interested in solar for its multitudes of benefits, like carbon footprint reduction and lower energy bills. So, it only makes sense that we’d showcase our craft and bring you the smart home of your dreams at the Parade of Homes, where we’ve teamed up with GreenHalo Builds to present our solar installations with their high-efficiency homes.

The Cedar Creek Energy and GreenHalo Builds Partnership

At Cedar Creek Energy, we’re known for our solar installations that allow homeowners like yourself to accommodate your home with solar panels and battery storage (not to mention LED lighting.) That’s why we’re proud to work with GreenHalo Builds clients to install their very own customized roof-mounted solar arrays. Our solar arrays are a critical component of GreenHalo Builds smart homes because they give homeowners the ability to reduce carbon emissions that decrease their carbon footprint. Our 15 years of experience combined with GreenHalo Builds Smart Home technology means we can harness the power of the sun for your high-efficiency home. Our solar arrays on GreenHalo Builds smart homes is a powerhouse duo.

CCE and GH Builds Collaborative Projects

Our first collaborative GreenHalo Builds project is EcoRidge, the Twin Cities’ first healthy-living ecovillage, located in Stillwater, Minnesota. This beautiful ecovillage includes 14 homesites surrounded by mature trees with rain gardens and restorative landscaping. Each home is designed to include a variety of energy-efficient benefits that have a minimal negative impact on the environment. The best part? The ecovillage truly is a village! We offer shared solar savings for the entire community, including our roof-mounted solar arrays.

Each EcoRidge home solar options include:

  • 5.04 kW system
  • 16 panels – Jinko 315 watt
  • First-year production: 5,796 kWh
  • First-year savings: $725
  • Lifetime savings: $18,000+
  • Tax credits and rebates year one: $4,300
  • Xcel Energy Solar Rewards Rebates years 1 through 10: $400/year
  • Your system will pay for itself in less than seven years

Obtaining sustainable energy independence is a reachable goal, and EcoRidge is only one small example. Look for more GH Builds smart homes in MN soon!

Find us at Parade of Homes

Looking for your version of an eco-friendly house? Find us and the smart home of your dreams at the Parade of Homes with GreenHalo Builds, or contact the Cedar Creek Energy team today for your free energy bid.