Working With Cedar Creek Energy

Cedar Creek Energy designs and installs energy-efficient solar, lighting and building automation systems for commercial, education, multi-family and non-profit organizations, with a strong commitment to providing renewable energy resources for today’s energy consumer. With over 40 years of combined construction, installation, energy management and project management experience, the professionals at Cedar Creek Energy understand what it takes to help you find the best solutions for your energy management challenges. We’re certified contractors – we can install the solar panels, system management products & deliver the services that last well beyond just helping you find your rebates and incentives.

Our experts take a diligent, phased approach to each project, giving you detailed recommendations and personal consultation at each step.  We offer free Energy Audits that can give you a clear understanding of the potential savings you could see.

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Certified Photovoltaic System Installers

Our installers have been certified as a Photovoltaic System Installers by Underwriters Laboratories (UL).

The PV System Installer certification program offers qualified electricians the opportunity to demonstrate skills and knowledge in installing photovoltaic solar energy systems.  The goal of the certification is to improve the safety and performance of PV systems through a more qualified workforce.

The certification exam measures the necessary competencies for a qualified electrical professional with OSHA 30-hour safety training for construction and several years of hands-on experience in the field, including installing, building, repairing, troubleshooting, diagnosing, verifying and performing tasks involved in electrical work either residential or commercial projects.

Project Process:  Working With Cedar Creek Energy

1. Consult
  • Conduct Site Survey
  • Evaluate Existing Technology
  • Identify System Problems & Areas for Improvement
2. Audit
  • Document Existing Equipment
  • Review Bills
  • Identify Energy Saving Opportunities
3. Design
  • Identify Appropriate Technologies
    • New Equipment
    • Retro-Fit
  • Calculate Projected Energy Savings
  • Research Applicable Rebate Opportunities
4. Build
  • Specify Equipment
  • Install New Technology
  • Design and Program System Controls and Monitors
  • Pull Permits and Manage Project
5. Monitor
  • Test and Optimize System Functionality
  • Monitor Monthly Usage (Optional Service)
Working With Us

Xcel Energy Efficiency Partner

Xcel Energy

Cedar Creek a bridge between the utility and the consumer on all solar power and energy savings projects. We will make sure your energy project qualifies for all available rebates, including the Solar*Rewards® program. We will also make sure that your project maximizes the power savings and potential solar revenue through our partnership with Minnesota’s largest utility.

Solar*Rewards is a registered trademark of Xcel Energy. All Rights Reserved.