Commercial Lighting Services

LED lighting systems are a valuable business investment. LED lighting systems last nearly 50 times longer, use 85 percent less energy and require less maintenance than incandescent bulbs.  LED technology easily justifies a higher upfront cost. For these reasons, LED lighting solutions are being widely adopted in retail, office, hospitality, roadway and outdoor lighting applications.


You can save significantly with energy-efficient lighting technology in your lighting and control systems. Utilities bill their customers in a variety of ways, including an energy use charge, demand charge, power factor charge, fuel adjustment charge and other charges. According to the Energy Information Administration and Green Economics research, lighting can us as much as three times more energy than air conditioning.


Reduce Power Consumption

Save 80% – 85% over conventional lighting with  LED lighting when using low voltage DC power.

Decreased Maintenance

Typical LED lights have a total life of 100,000 hours (10+ years).  This practically eliminates lamp replacement and maintenance.

Dimmable Control

LED lighting offers fully dimmable illumination, increasing energy savings and reducing maintenance,  especially compared to fluorescent lighting.