Commercial Solar

Installing commercial solar energy systems at your Minnesota business reduces your energy costs by cutting the amount of electricity purchased from the utility.  It also delivers a strong sustainability message to your customers.

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Residential Solar

Solar energy systems can dramatically reduce home energy use and create a source of income for many homeowners.  If your roof, back yard or garage has a year-round sunny spot, it has the potential to generate electricity from a solar energy system.

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Community Solar

Community Solar Gardens are shared solar arrays with both residential and commercial subscribers. We can build community solar systems of all sizes. Join one of our solar gardens and start saving today!

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Solar energy dramatically reduces home energy use and creates extra income for many homeowners.


Solar energy reduces your business’s energy costs and cuts the electricity you buy from the utility.


Community Solar Gardens cut subscribers’ electricity bills without a big investment.

LED Lighting

LED lights give your business better lighting, last longer and use less energy.

Minnesota Solar Energy

Cedar Creek Energy’s commercial and residential solar installations, lighting and electrical services deliver energy savings and reliable system performance.

We specialize in solar energy and energy management services for non-profit, commercial, residential and agricultural clients. Our team designs and installs solar systems that:

Reduce Utility Bills   •   Protect Clients from Utility Rate Hikes   •   Qualify for Rebates and Tax Credits

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Cedar Creek Energy did an amazing job with our solar power installation.  We are already saving hundreds on our energy bills!

Tom Valois

Residential Solar Client

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